Registration of Gujarat Ecology Commission as Society

Gujarat Ecology Commission (GEC) has been registered as a Society under the Societies Registration Act 1860 with effective from August 7, 2018. A General Body has been constituted for the Society, which is as follows:

  • Minister (Environment), Department of Environment, Government of Gujarat [Chairman]
  • Additional Chief Secretary, Forest & Environment Department, Government of Gujarat
  • Secretary (Expenditure), Finance Department, Government of Gujarat
  • Principal Chief Conservator of Forest & Head of Forest Force, Forest Department, Government of Gujarat
  • Director (Environment), Forest & Environment Department, Government of Gujarat
  • Joint Secretary, Forest & Environment Department, Government of Gujarat
  • Shri Ravi Asari, IFS (Retd.), Former PCCF (Wildlife)
  • Dr. C. N. Pandey, IFS (Retd.), Former PCCF
  • Shri Biplab Paul, Chief Executive Officer, Naireeta Services, Ahmedaba

The specific and primary purposes and objectives of GEC shall be as under:
  • To provide and apex organization in the field of ecological management, which plans and works for restoration of ecologically degraded areas.
  • To arouse ecological consciousness among the people of Gujarat and to develop a conservation ethos in the state and to sensitize the general public towards gravity and complexity of the present day environmental issues and its implications.
  • To provide technical assistance to the Forest & Environment Department of the State Government on matters pertaining to ecology and environment.
  • To implement the National Coastal Mission and other related coastal zone management programmes.
  • To undertake on its own or with support of the State Government of India, the World Bank and other agencies inside or outside the country the rehabilitation and or restoration of disturbed or degraded ecosystems of the state.
  • To create institutions and organizations necessary for achieving the aforesaid objectives.
  • To act as an umbrella organizations of the state for:
    • The accreditation of NGOs eligible for funding the activities aimed at ecological restoration of degraded ecosystems;
    • The allocation of funds to various non-government agencies for ecological restoration programmes;
    • Undertaking environmental studies, researches and other ancillary activities for the state government, other agencies, institutions or organizations;
    • Taking up mangrove regeneration programmes in non forest areas of the state
  • To spread ecological and environmental awareness amongst stakeholders
  • To make efforts for ecological restoration of degraded ecosystems through research studies and pilot projects
  • To establish laboratories, training classes and establishments necessary for the purposes of ecology and to disseminate knowledge and information by available means and methods, including education, instruction and training;
  • To promote the study, discussion and knowledge of and to stimulate general interest in, various aspects of ecology amongst the community
  • To collaborate with other disciplines and agencies for participation in development of areas which could be saved from impending biological, ecological and environmental degradation through appropriate programming
  • To undertake any other activity which is directly or indirectly connected with ecology