Restoration of Mangroves In Gujarat.


  • To contribute towards increased understanding and acceptance of the need to protect, conserve and regenerate mangroves by local communities, Government and coastal industries.
  • To contribute towards capacity building of coastal communities and Government for community based mangrove regeneration as part of integrated coastal zone management.

Funded by

  • India Canada Environment Facility, New Delhi

Size of funding

  • Rs. 10.0 Croers.

Description of project

The coastal area is the place where natural disasters take place. The recent example is Tsunami on Andaman & East coasts which is the one of the most serious and unexpected natural disasters. The entire east coast of India, the Gujarat coast on the west and the islands of Lakshdeep and Andaman & Nicobar are frequently facing cyclonic conditions which some time cause large scale destruction of lives & property. The Super cyclone has caused massive destruction in Gujarat & Orissa in 1998 & 1999 respectively. Recent tsunami in the south pacific only reiterates the importance of Mangrove protection & regeneration. Gujarat Ecology Commission had carried out 4150 ha of Mangrove plantation under this project through active involvement of local coastal communities in 5 districts (Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Kachchh, Bharuch and Surat) of the state. The total 10 villages were covered under this project. Along with Mangrove plantation activity capacity building exercise of the local coastal communities was also taken up in the project. The community based approach is the unique things of this project. In addition to Mangrove plantation activity Awareness programmes were also been conducted to educate people about Mangroves and its ecological and economical importance.

Date of commencement

  • 2001

Due date

  • Completed

Publications/Outcomes/Reports/News clippings/Photos

  • First time in the state Community Based Mangroves plantation is carried out on large scale
  • Local Mangrove plantation experts were created
  • State Government has allocated funds for community based Mangrove plantation first time in the state
  • First time Revenue land is transferred and allotted to GEC first time in the state for the purpose of Mangrove plantation

Project Manager Name

  • Nischal Joshi (Sr.Manager Project)

Designation & e-mail

Status (Active/Closed)

  • Closed

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