Socio-economic upliftment of local population


  • To strengthen management capacity of SHGs/CBOs in and around the Nalsarovar and Thol bird Sanctuary
  • To increase capacity buildings of local community and thereof increase opportunity for livelihood security.

Funded by

  • Forest Department, Gandhinagar

Size of funding

  • 6.50 Lakhs

Description of project

Gujarat is bestowed with diverse types of wetlands including marshes, swamps, lakes, tanks, shallow reservoirs and flood plan systems. Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary and Thol Wildlife sanctuary are having wetland of international significance by virtue of their strategic position and act as the gateway of migratory birds as also serve as homeland for rare species of wildlife. Conservation and restoration in Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary and Thol Wildlife are the tasks assigned to the Forests Department. Large populations live in and around these Wetlands and depend on the resources for their sustenance. The wetlands provide a source of fodder, fuel and food to local inhabitants. The total 26 targeted villages covered under this project, which are situated around Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary. The following major activities carried out under project

  • Self Help Group Formation/Development.
  • Basic and Advance training.
  • Skill base training.
  • Entrepreneurship & Market development.
  • Training on guide and boatmen.
  • PRA and Village Assessment.

Date of commencement

  • February 2009 - May 2009

Due date

  • Completed

Publications/Outcomes/Reports/News clippings/Photos

  • Reports

Project Manager Name

  • Nischal Joshi (Sr.Manager Project)

Designation & e-mail

Status (Active/Closed)

  • Closed

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